Women’s Fiction

After Goodbye

Teena Raffa

Daisy Lane Publishing

It’s the 1980s but feminism has passed Stella by and her sole focus is being the best wife and mother she can be. Her husband’s shock announcement that their marriage is over casts her adrift.

Stella has to rethink everyting she believed about herself and their life. The future she imagined of growing old together is not to be and she has no idea what will replace it.

Meeting a stranger at the seashore where she goes to seek solace takes her in an unexpected direction. Free spirit Chris introduces her to a different perspective on life – and the possibility their friendship can become something deeper.

As Stella’s life opens up, Daniel’s choice doesn’t deliver the freedom he expected.

Will she find it in her heart to offer compassion and support to the father of her children? Stella can choose to stayt mired in yesterday’s regrets or do what she can to create a brighter tomorrow for them all.

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