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Jimbo Dont goJimbo! Don’t go! A Stranger Danger Tale #1 in the Jumbo Jim Children’s Safety Series

A rainy day. A friendly tiger. A forgetful elephant.

One rainy day Jumbo Jim is on his way home from school alone when a tiger stops and offers him a lift. Mum has told him never to go with strangers.  Will Jimbo remember his mother’s stranger danger warnings – or go with Tim?
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Jimbos Sticky Stumble copyJimbo’s Sticky Stumble – A Road Right Tale #2 in the Jumbo Jim Children’s Safety Series

 A mystery guest. An errand for Mum. A forgetful elephant.

 Jimbo goes to the jungle store to buy butter for the cake Mum’s baking for a surprise visitor. On his way home he joins in a cricket match on the road. An approaching bus signals an end to play. But while Jimbo’s friends all dash off the road to safety, he trips on his untied shoe lace. Will he end up as elephant paste?

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Jimbos Reckless Ride copyJimbo’s reckless ride – A Cycle Safe Tale #3 in the Jumbo Jim Children’s Safety Series

A friend in need. A thoughtless act. A forgetful elephant.
Jumbo Jim is giving his mate Charlie a ride home and completely forgets all the cycle safety rules. The pair are racing down the track doing wheelies and weaving in and out of cars when there’s an angry trumpet blast from Jimbo’s dad. Jimbo tries to stop but his brakes fail. He’s heading for disaster— how will he survive?
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More fun stories for children


Not Fairy flu3 Not Fairy Flu

Starla Fairweather is the fastest fairy in Little Down Dell. Everyone is counting on her to win the Quickwing Cup at the Full Moon Friendship Festival. Two days before the festival,  Starla wakes up with a head full of storm clouds and wings so heavy she couldn’t fly if she tried. Fairies don’t get the flu – so what’s wrong with Starla? Madame Lilia doesn’t have long to solve the mystery and come up with a cure. Will Starla recover in time to fly in the festival and win the Quickwing Cup?
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wrong foot high res On the wrong foot – A not Cinderella story

 Prince Florian’s only clue to to the fair maiden he wishes to wed is the slipper she lost in her hurry to leave his Grand Ball. Lucinda Heartsong plans to marry Jonathon Tinker. She doesn’t want to try the lost slipper when the prince’s footman comes calling but he won’t take no for an answer. The slipper fits perfectly and Lucinda is whisked off to the palace to become the prince’s bride. He knows there has been a mistake but a man of honour must keep his word. Will Prince Florian and Lucinda have to make the best of their mismatch – or live happily ever after with their own true loves?
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