You Can be a Writer

ISBN 9780648534693 Sea Song Publications

A simple step by step process for young readers to become writers.

Writing stories is like having an adventure. This book takes early primary age children on their own story adventure. Imagination is the passport to anywhere. Start with an idea…choose characters…decide where they live and when their story takes place…think about what could happen to them. By following the simple instructions in this book, children soon have their own story to share.

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Solo Dan

Illustrated by Kym Langfield

ISBN 9780648699897 Daisy Lane Publishing

Orphan Dan has never had a place to belong. He bounces from one home to another, like a ball no one can catch. He’s okay with that. Families can be too much trouble. His shadow is all the company he needs. Or is it? Perhaps what he really wants is a forever home.

A story about hope, love and belonging.

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When the Moon is a Smile

Illustrated by Amy Calautti

ISBN 9780648489214 Daisy Lane Publishing

Everything changes for a child when parents no longer live together. Saying goodbye for now can be the hardest part of spending time with the visiting parent.

The fun of sharing a day imagining everyday activities into extraordinary adventures turns to sadness for a small girl when it is time for Daddy to leave. A special way to know when he will return eases the parting.

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Friends cover 2


Illustrated by Veronica Rooke

ISBN 9780995410411 Serenity Press

What makes a friend special? Join Koala and a delightful menagerie of Australian creatures to celebrate the many ways in which friends brighten our days.

Playing the clown to turn frowns into smiles…caring and sharing…sticking around in sunshine and storms. Life wouldn’t be the same without Friends.

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True Blue Amigos

Illustrated by Barrie Smith

ISBN 9780987505453 Wild Eyed Press

A lively rhyming tale about a kangaroo called Blue and her little friend Pedro who travel around Australia looking for a place to call home. Their exciting Aussie adventure sees them snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, sing at the Opera House, dance a crocodile rock, surf in Perth and more.

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Who Dresses God?

Illustrated by Veronica Rooke
ISBN 9780648250326 Sea Song Publications

Nan says God hears. How can he if he has no ears, and without a tongue how can he speak to anyone? A child asks and a mother answers in this rhyming picture book which introduces young children to the idea of a higher being that does not live in a house with roof, walls and locking doors.

“For God’s house is the world we share and God is in it everywhere.”

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Jimbo! Don’t Go!

A stranger danger tale

 Illustrated by Veronica Rooke
ISBN 9780648250319 Sea Song Publications

A young elephant is on his way home from school alone when a tiger stops and offers him a lift. Will Jimbo remember his mother’s warnings – or go with Tim? The ‘stranger danger’ message presented in a lively, entertaining, non-threatening way for young children.

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Looking After Grandma

 Illustrated by Amy Calautti
ISBN 9780645176261  Serenity Press

Once Grandma knew so much. Now she finds most things a puzzle. Even her granddaughter’s name has become a guessing game.

As her grandmother seems to be going backwards, a young girl remembers all the treasured times they have spent together. Although Grandma is different now, their love for each other has not changed. They can still connect in special ways, making new memories for her granddaughter to carry forwards.

Grandma’s days of looking after others may be over, but there is someone who will look after her.

A warm-hearted story of family love and connection.


Two of my earliest publications for children are now out of print. I continue to use them in my presentations to children because they beautifully illustrate the way writers can draw ideas from their own life experiences or imagination. The books are still in some libraries and copies can occasionally be bought on Ebay.