The Fifty Per Cent Princess & Other Goodnight Reads

ISBN 9780648250364      Sea Song Publications

There is magic, mystery, adventure and fun in this collection of short stories for young readers.

Meet a monster with a toothache, a princess who doesn’t behave like one and a fairy who can’t fly. Find out what happens when Cinderella’s slipper is the wrong fit, how to solve a Dads’ Day dilemma and the solution to losing a little brother in another time. Often funny, sometimes serious, the 15 stories are an entertaining mix of humour and whimsy, fantasy and reality.

The Fifty Per Cent Princess & Other Goodnight Reads is certain to become a family favourite for bedtime sharing or reading alone. BUY IT HERE.

The Seven Day Dragon

ISBN 9780648043294

Serenity Press. Illustrated by Ella Mae

Joshua Jones has no one in the world except a fruit loop of a gran and they live in a tiny city flat so he can’t even have a pet.

When a spectacular creature on a seven-day visit from Jupiter offers to be his houseguest during its Earth stay, Josh thinks his luck has changed. His nothing life is about to become awesome. His celestial visitor eats frozen peas and crossword puzzles, answers questions with questions and is invisible to everyone except Josh., That should have warned him to expect the unexpected. But soon Traveller will be gone and Josh’s life will be back the way it was … or will it? BUY IT HERE.

Sleepy Socks & Sometime Rhymes

Poems for Home and Classroom

ISBN 9780648250388  Sea Song Publications

Poems on topics as diverse as peas, aliens and windy days feature in this lively collection that will encourage young readers to enjoy poetry and marvel at the wonder of words. Funny, thoughtful, silly and serious, Sleepy Socks and Sometime Rhymes is a celebration of the everyday and the imaginary. It is ideal for home or classroom, for sharing or for quiet moments curled up in a comfy chair.

Prospecting for nuggets, spying for the cause, our imagination opens up the doors to adventure and excitement. Who needs to travel far? There’s a world for exploration exactly where we are. The book is available here.