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A warm-hearted story of family love and connection

Once Grandma knew so much. Now she finds most things a puzzle. Even her granddaughter's name has become a guessing game. As her grandmother seems to be going backwards, a young girl remembers all the treasured times they have spent together. Although Grandma is different now, their love for each other has not changed. They can still connect in special ways, making new memories for her granddaughter to carry forwards.
Grandma's days of looking after others may be over, but there is someone who will look after her.


A quirky entertaining story for middle grade readers

Mike Hinklebink's parents don't do their jobs and the house and garden are a mess. Their late-night karaoke is keeping Mike awake and it's affecting his schoolwork. Now they're skipping work to have fun. Instead of his parents taking care of him, he's taking care of them. It's time they behaved like responsible adults.
Mike needs help to get his misbehaving parents under control. Parent tamer Talibut Vish quickly demonstrates some extraordinary abilities and Mike thinks his problem is solved. But Vish is not what he seems and the perfect parents he delivers come at an unacceptable cost.
If Mike wants his family back, he will have to use his brains to overcome a foe who can control body and mind and bend the rules of reality.

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I’m a writer, reader and daydream believer who is convinced there is magic in every day if we care to find it.
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