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Friends (Illustrated by Veronica Rooke)

ISBN 9780995410411

Serenity Press


What makes a friend special?

Join Koala and a delightful menagerie of Ausralian creatures to celebrate the many ways in which friends brighten our days.

Playing the clown to turn frowns into smiles…caring and sharing…sticking around in sunshine and storms.

Life wouldn’t be the same without Friends.

True-Blue-Amigos Cover

True Blue Amigos (Illustrated by Barrie Smith)

ISBN 9780987505453 Wild Eyed Press

A lively rhyming tale about a kangaroo called Blue and her little friend Pedro who travel around Australia looking for a place to call home. Their exciting Aussie adventure sees them snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, sing at the Opera House, dance a crocodile rock, surf in Perth and more. Visit Wild Eyed Press for details of where to buy this colourful picture book.






Who Dresses God? (Illustrated by Veronica Rooke)
ISBN 9781921883286 MBS Press

Nan says God hears. How can he if he has no ears, and without a tongue how can he speak to anyone? A child asks and a mother answers in this rhyming picture book which introduces young children to the idea of a higher being that does not live in a house with roof, walls and locking doors. “For God’s house is the world we share and God is in it everywhere.”

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WebjimboJimbo! Don’t Go! – a stranger danger tale (Illustrated by Veronica Rooke)
ISBN 978 0 646 49537 8
Email traffa-m@bigpond.net.au

A young elephant is on his way home from school alone when a tiger stops and offers him a lift. Will Jimbo remember his mother’s warnings – or go with Tim? The ‘stranger danger’ message presented in a lively, entertaining, non-threatening way for young children.

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bignanTwo of my earliest publications for children are now out of print. I continue to use them in my presentations to children because they beautifully illustrate the way Grandpawriters can draw ideas from their own life experiences or imagination. The books are still in some libraries and copies can occasionally be bought on Ebay.