Juvenile fiction




The Seven Day Dragon

ISBN 9780648043294

Serenity Press. Illustrated by Ella Mae

Joshua Jones has no one in the world except a fruit loop of a gran and they live in a tiny city flat so he can’t even have a pet.

When a spectacular creature on a seven-day visit from Jupiter offers to be his houseguest during its Earth stay, Josh thinks his luck has changed. His nothing life is about to become awesome. His celestial visitor eats frozen peas and crossword puzzles, answers questions with questions and is invisible to everyone except Josh., That should have warned him to expect the unexpected. But soon Traveller will be gone and Josh’s life will be back the way it was … or will it?






Mad Dad for Sale – a quirky novel for 8-12 years
ISBN 978-1-921369-27-9 Horizon Publishing Group

What can a kid do about a dad who’s always getting mad? Luke puts a For Sale ad in the local paper and a mysterious buyer whisks cranky Dad away in a van. He thinks his troubles are over. Instead, they’ve just begun. To get Dad back, Luke must outwit a terrible foe to save himself, his family and his friends.

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