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Ben Bumblefoot (Illustrated by Steeven Labeau

ISBN 978-1681958606

Xist Publishing

Available here in paperback and ebook formats

Ben has been called Bumblefoot for as long as he can remember. It’s not a name he plans to keep. His dearest wish is to become one of the brave knight protectors of Castle Crag, which stands high on a cliff in the land of Faraway. When Princess Moonglow is diagnosed with the contagious fox splots as the royal party is about to set out for the Tenth All-Kingdom Games, Ben spots his chance to prove himself. Can he save the kingdom and his best friend, or will it be just another bumblefoot disaster?
This laugh-out-loud funny novel is filled with hilarious antics and good -natured cheer. Kids will love Ben and his clumsy attempts at saving the kingdom and his best friend.


Best Beast

Best Beast (Illustrated by Jess Smart Smiley)

ISBN 9781623957469 Xist Publishing

Amy wants to enter a pet in the school pet competition. There’s just one problem: she doesn’t have one. Amy’s parents can’t afford a puppy or any other pet and she’s running out of time to enter. When a strange neighbour gives her a pet rock, even stranger things happen. A ‘monsterously’ fun chapter book. Available in paperback and ebook formats here.





Catnapped coverCatnapped (Illustrated by Daniel Weatheritt)

ISBN: 9781623955885 Xist Publishing
eISBN: 9781623956035

When Jenna’s Nanna Horgan wins Lotto, not everyone agrees with how she plans to spend the money. A couple of teenage crooks think building a special home for cats would be a waste of Nanna’s millions so they decide to nab her beloved cat Oscar and hold him for ransom. Catnapped is a beginning chapter book for animal lovers. It is available from and





calling JodieCalling Jodie Simon

ISBN: 9780987227690

Dead people can’t make phone calls – or can they? A spooky story for ages 11-13.

“Hi Jodie, it’s Mum. I just called to let you know I’m coming to see you. Missing you heaps. Can’t wait to be together again.”

The simple phone message has Jodie spooked. She’d give anything to see her mother again but that’s impossible. Dead people only return for visits from beyond the grave in books and movies. They can’t pick up a phone and call the living to have a chat. Someone must be playing a sick joke. But when the phone calls stop, the other weird communications start and Jodie has to find out the truth. Are the messages from her mum? Should she expect a ghostly visitor?

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Paramatta rose1 copy Parramatta Rosie – Colonial Girl

ISBN  9781502576125

It’s 1817 and Rosie has lived all her life in Parramatta. Pa came to the colony in New South Wales as a free settler and is a successful trader, importing goods from foreign lands. Ma is an ex-convict who stitches fine gowns for the ladies of the colony. Now Pa’s brother is on his way from England with his family to join them. Rosie can hardly contain her excitement. She and Cousin Amelia will surely become the best of friends, sharing secrets and adventures.

When Pa decides to take Rosie along with him and the new arrivals to help set up their farm in the bush a day’s journey from town, she can’t believe her luck. It will be such fun…and it is, but there is also danger. A raging bushfire threatens to destroy the farm and everyone in it. How will they survive? Will Rosie ever return home to Ma, the little kids and Patch the puppy?

Available in paperback and e-book formats from




Getting Rid of Wrinkles (Illustrated by Craig Smith)
 ISBN 1-74164-052-0 Blake Education

Tessa’s Great Grandma Em has more wrinkles than a rhinoceros after rain. She hasn’t seen her best friend Amelia, who was the town beauty, for 50 years. Now Amelia is coming to visit and Great Gran has just ten days to get rid of her wrinkles. Tessa thinks she can help…

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Not Fairy flu3

Not Fairy Flu

Starla Fairweather is the fastest fairy in Little Down Dell. Everyone is counting on her to win the Quickwing Cup at the Full Moon Friendship Festival. Two days before the festival,  Starla wakes up with a head full of storm clouds and wings so heavy she couldn’t fly if she tried. Fairies don’t get the flu – so what’s wrong with Starla? Madame Lilia doesn’t have long to solve the mystery and come up with a cure. Will Starla recover in time to fly in the festival and win the Quickwing Cup?
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wrong foot high resOn the wrong foot – A not Cinderella story

 Prince Florian’s only clue to to the fair maiden he wishes to wed is the slipper she lost in her hurry to leave his Grand Ball. Lucinda Heartsong plans to marry Jonathon Tinker. She doesn’t want to try the lost slipper when the prince’s footman comes calling but he won’t take no for an answer. The slipper fits perfectly and Lucinda is whisked off to the palace to become the prince’s bride. He knows there has been a mistake but a man of honour must keep his word. Will Prince Florian and Lucinda have to make the best of their mismatch – or live happily ever after with their own true loves?
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